Money Making Mom by Crystal Paine is a book about woman making money and a difference. I received this book free through the book look blogger program for my honest review. I chose to review this book because I felt like it might be something my friends and myself could use.

This book has a lot of great tips to help you look outside the box to find a way to earn money. This book is for moms that want to stay at home and work or want to provide an income by creating their own business. Not only does Crystal encourage us woman to work for ourselves. She encourages us to use our own talents.

Giving is a main topic in her book that she attributes giving to her success. She also explains many ways you can give. This book was  informative and I received many good tips for myself. I would highly recommend this for moms that would like to earn some money working for themselves. I love that it not only teaches us how we can succeed but it also touches on how to handle any failures that come along.

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