God is Watching Over You by P.J. Lyons illustrated by Tim Warnes

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God is Watching Over You is such a cute book. The day I got this book my 2 year old son was in a bad mood. He came into my room with a little sad frown on his face. I started to read this book to him and by the second page he was smiling. He really loved this book.

God is Watching Over You is a story about a cute little lamb that is getting ready to go to be. The book is filled with cute rhymes and each page ends with God is watching over you. After reading this book even the youngest of children will know that God is watching them. I love that it is a board book. Great for younger ages. I highly recommend this book for all parents of little ones. I wish I had this book when my older children were toddlers. It is a must have on my shelf.

Here is a little peak at the second page of the book:
“The sun slides slowly out of sight,
And in its place slips silent night.
Twinkling stars play peek-a-boo.
God is watching over you.”

Not only is the story cute but so are the illustrations. My son loves it and I am so glad that I have this book for him. I plan to read it to him before he goes to sleep to remind him every night that God is watching over him.

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