How to Live in FearMastering the Art of Freaking Out

By Lance Hahn

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I was giving the book How to Live in Fear Mastering the Art of Freaking Out by Lance Hahn for my honest review from the program. I chose to review this book because I have suffered with anxiety. This book is about a Pastor of a large church that suffers with Anxiety. It tells about his anxiety from when he was a small boy to now. The point of the book is to help you know that you are not alone in your struggles with fear and anxiety. He gives tips on how to manage with your fear. This book is split into 3 parts, Living in Fear: My Story, Living in Fear: Our Journey Together and Living in Fear: The Journey with our Father.

I have to honestly say that at this point in my life my anxiety has not been a problem. When I started to read about his experiences with anxiety mine started to bother me again. So I did not get to finish reading this book because I felt it was better for me to put it down at the moment. If you are suffering with anxiety or fear then I would suggest reading this book. It has a lot of great tips in it to help you through. If you are not suffering you may want to save it for later.

I did not agree with everything in this book. He talks about taking medicine for your anxiety and that is not the course I have ever chosen to take. I was only able to skim through the last part of the book because I did not want my triggers to be set off on my own anxiety. I did read some good advice from a Biblical stand point in the last section. This book uses numerous versions of the Bible when it quotes scripture.

All in all I believe if you are suffering with anxiety, panic or fear then this book is worth getting. Its worth a try. Everybody deals with their anxiety in many different ways and what works for one may not work for another. I think this book can be helpful to those having trouble right now.

If you have read this book let me know what you thought about it.
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How to Live in Fear: Mastering the Art of Freaking Out