It is amazing the dynamics that change in my house every year. I thought nothing could change my house more than adopting four kids.

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However, the biggest change has been teenagers. It has been slow coming on but it seems like over the last year it has been a whirlwind. We only have two teens in the house right now. 16 and 14 year old girls.

Have you received the glare? If you have a teenager you know what I mean.

Have you ever had your teenager say ” I will follow the rule if you tell me why.”

There are so many things I am learning about teenagers right now. One thing I have learned is it requires more patience than I have. I am praying about that.

My mom once said she had empty nest syndrome when I turned 16. I had my drivers license and was never home anymore. I was responsible, I received good grades, did my homework, worked a job. She missed me though more than when I got married.

I wanted my teenagers to experience the same thing. So I helped my oldest get her license. I sent her to Dual Enrollment classes so she could earn high school and college credits.

Now all I can do is pray that she takes on her responsibilities and learns to be a productive person in society.

Five changes in my house that have affected me more than I thought:

1) I am no longer responsible for my daughter’s schooling. She has to make the right choices of doing her homework for college classes now.
2) It seems like our family is smaller because the older girls are not around as much. However financially it seems like our family is bigger.
3) Food is disappearing faster than I can put it on the shelf.
4) The family is not number one in the eyes of my teens. Friends have become number one.
5) The glare, I still can’t get over it. I think they are trying to burn me up with their eyes.