What I Didn’t Know About Having Five Kids
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While sitting at a dentist appointment I was thinking about how my life has changed since I had five kids. I happen to have five dentist appointments this week. So I wrote down some numbers. If you are a number person you will love this.

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Here is how a typical year looks for me:

– Over 15 dentist appointments per year
– Over 5 doctor appointments per year
– 4 eye appointments per year
– we have averaged 1 ER trip a year (hoping that improves)


-typically 2 carts when I am buying groceries
-at least 2 trips to the grocery store every week
-I am not sure if I can even calculate the amounts of paper towels and toilet paper we go through

Out to Eat
– We can spend over $40 in one trip to a fast food restaurant (I have found some great deals that have recently lowered this cost)
– It is at least $50 to eat in a restaurant on the lunch menu
– At least $80 to eat in a restaurant on the dinner menu (waters please!)

-Only 1 extra person can fit into the minivan, so when we want to travel with friends or family its a carpool.
– Speaking of cars if we drive over 2 hours that is 4 Dramamine’s that have to be given to kids.

-25 haircuts per year (I typically do the cutting, the boys need theirs cut almost every 3 weeks)

Extra Curricular 
-52 runs to the library per year (including story time for toddlers once a week)
-4 field trips per year
-12 4H meetings per year
-8 swim lessons per year

– 5 rabbits (one just had babies) that makes 8 right now
– Fish (I honestly do not know how many we currently have or how many we have had)
– We also have had 2 hamsters and 1 dog
– We have had snails (too many to count)
– 2 cats that were with us before the kids

Church Events
-2 kids church parties per year
-1 kids church field trip
-1 teens church field trip
-1 State Youth Assembly for the teens (two night trip)
-1 week at summer camp
-1 week VBS

Before Homeschooling:
– 4 school orientations per year
– 3 plays per year
– 1 Breakfast
– 48 cupcakes for birthdays
– After school activities
– 4 parent teacher conferences per year (glad that’s over with)

Sometimes I like to look at numbers. It puts my life into perspective. I found it very interesting and fun to put together.