Reclaim Your Space in 20 Days (Did It Work!)

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Sometimes I think my house is too small. In truth it’s not and I just have too much stuff. Most of us do. So I have recently come up with a plan for my family. I implemented the 20 Day Challenge. For 20 days every person in the family found something to donate or throw away. It was challenging towards the end. I had to get clever to find things that I did not need to keep anymore. I even raided my jewelry.

Here is a picture of what the family as a whole donated (this picture does not include the items we threw away).


See details on the challenge here

This challenge was great for us. If you do this you will feel like your house is so much cleaner. Just seeing a pile of items to be giving away makes me feel so much happier. It also encouraged my children who part with nothing to really think about what is important in their lives. They had to make good choices on items to keep and give away.

So try the challenge and tell me what it does for you!