The Best Dish Soap is a Natural Soap
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Recently I have been trying to use more healthier products for my family. Dish soap being one of them. I turned on my tv the other day to see a test on Dish Soaps performed by Cook’s Country, America’s Test Kitchen. I was thrilled to find out that their test resulted in a natural cleaner being the winner.

Here it is:

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Dish Soap, Lavender, 16-Ounce Bottles (aff)


So for those of you who already use this product let me know if you agree. Here is the link so you can find out more about the test that Cooks Country performed Cook’s Country Liquid Dish Soap Test Results. You can also check out the product reviews on Amazon. It has great reviews!

I just bought mine to try. I tried the Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Dish Soap, Lemon Verbena, 16 oz (aff). I already love the smell of it. It seems to be a great cleaner also. It is very affordable at around $3.50 on Amazon for a 16 oz. I am so glad that I can easily buy a cleaner that is better for my family and is the best when put up to the test against the competitors.


I am trying to go more natural (cleaner, healthier, etc..) but am taking baby steps in the process. Let me know what you do to be a little more on the natural side?