Will My Kids Look and Act Like Me? (Adoption Post)

When you adopt children sometimes you wonder how the world will perceive your family?  How will they look at our family?  Will they believe that these children are mine? How will my children act? Will they act like me?  These are all normal questions when you are in the process of adopting.

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I remember one of the first shopping trips I took my adopted children on. When checking out the cashier asked “Are all those your kids?” I politely replied with a yes.  Then she asked, how old is your oldest?  At the time my oldest daughter was 11.  She then said that I looked to young to have an 11 year old. Truth be told I am on the younger side to have my oldest child I adopted. I would have been 16 if I gave birth to my oldest. Young but not impossible. Sometimes my oldest daughter teases and says we could have been sisters.

That was only one of many times I was questioned if they were all mine and how young I was.  I was never sure how to respond.  I soon started thanking them.  Young is a compliment after all.

After a few years people no longer said I looked to young to have all my children. I guess having five kids ages you very quickly. 

I was in Walmart and I had my biological son and two of my adopted kids.  A lady walked up to me and said how much my adopted children looked just like me.  She skipped over my actual biological son like he was not even there. That could have to do with the fact he looks just like his dad.

If anyone finds out my children are adopted they are surprised. They always say “they look just like you I thought they were your biological children.”

Do they really look like us? When I look at them I sometimes see their biological parents traits.  However I definitely see that they have some likeness to us and I think God orchestrated that. To make our children feel more at home with us and to know they belong.

I no longer worry how they will fit in.  They are my children.  They look and even act like me (most the time).

My name is on their birth certificate and we are a family.