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As I was browsing through the internet I came upon a blog post on a bizarre new product called Crystal Wash (Chemical Free Laundry). It really caught my interest because it claimed to be all natural.  The idea was that you can use these two plastic balls to clean your laundry instead of detergent.  I’ll admit at first I thought is was nonsense.

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However, I have been slowly trying to change my lifestyle away from chemicals. I am nowhere near chemical free in my home but this made natural laundry look so easy. In the past I have had issues with my husband’s skin breaking out because I used a certain detergent or bleach. Since then I try to be careful by picking dye and perfume free detergents. I quit using bleach altogether in our laundry because that seemed to be the ultimate culprit. This has suited our lifestyle.

If this new product could save me from buying detergent and clean my clothes naturally that would be incredible!

The claim is that you can use this one product for 1,000 loads of laundry. Wow that’s a lot! I couldn’t resist. So I tried it myself. That’s right, I put it to the test. Now I just needed to find at least one laundry hamper in my household of seven that I could use for the first test wash.

I found the stinkiest clothes. They were terrible because my daughter left a wet towel at the bottom of her hamper (yuck).  I washed her clothes with the stinky towel using my new Crystal Wash and guess what? They came out clean! The Crystal Wash minerals create a PH Balance in the water that produces a natural hydrogen peroxide. Pretty neat. You could not even tell that the super stinky towel was ever stinky.

Clean is the best word I can use to describe the smell.  Yes, the stink is gone but they do not smell like floral mists or any other great perfume either. So if you are one that cannot live without the perfume smell then you may want to use a dryer sheet.  I also know of some ladies who use oils to create their own fabric softeners. Of course, I am happy to get away from the chemicals and smells. I do not mind the plain scent.  It comes out smelling similar to the perfume free detergent that I was previously using.

As with my regular detergent Crystal Wash still recommends that I pre-treat stubborn stains.  I use a homemade solution.

Not only does it clean but is also saves me tons of money. This is the second reason I LOVE this product.

If you use Crystal Wash you will spend about $60 for 1,000 loads of laundry. If you use detergent you could spend about $300 for 1,000 loads of laundry (depending on what detergent you use).

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The bottom line is, you are using a natural product that has been tested against detergents and works better or as good. Then on top of that you could save up to $240.00.

I am so excited about this product that I could not wait to share it with you!

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Have you tried Crystal Wash or something similar? Let me know what you think! I am so excited about it. I am already so impressed with the results of my laundry test.