How to Keep Kids Quiet During Church

I am a mom of 5. My oldest is 15 and my youngest is 3. We have had embarrassing moments in church and times when my mommy skills were praised because of their behavior. It has not been easy raising children in church. In fact, it’s pretty tough. Not only is it hard but my husband is the Pastor. Which means no help in the pew/seat for this momma.

Since I have been there and done that I want to share some of my tips on keeping children quiet so you get that momma praise at the end of the church service for a job well done. Let me say, sometimes no tip in the books will work and you just have to grin and know that every mom has been in your shoes. Here are 10 tips that will surely help you have a better church experience with your children.


1. Get to bed early the night before. Most toddlers are cranky when they do not get enough sleep. Instead of staying out late on a Saturday night opt to get to bed early. Sunday mom will thank you when the little one is less crabby.

2. Between Sunday School and Church take your child for a walk. Make sure they go to the bathroom and get a sip of water if necessary. This will help cut down on leaving in themiddle of the service for bathroom trips. It also gets some of their energy out before sitting down again.

3. Have a certain toy or toys that younger children can only play with at church. An example is blocks, cars, action figure, baby doll or any other special toy. Make sure that the toy does not make noise. I have had a noisy toy go off in the middle of Church. It was very embarrassing.

4. Up until my kids are three I pack a small snack for them. Something that is not messy. Cereal, fruit gummies, goldfish and animal crackers are all great snacks. I typically give it to them during the preaching. This keeps them almost silent during the quietest time of the service.

5. See if your church has any printables for kids to color. My church has little packs of crayons and coloring sheets when you enter the building.

6. Do not set your expectations too high. A baby will cry at some point, a toddler will have a tantrum, a child will end up talking. Correct the situation and move on. Do not fret over it. If you have to leave for a few minutes, go ahead. Try taking them to the nursery, junior church or for a walk outside for a minute.

7. If your husband goes to church with you, then take turns. You be the disciplinarian one week and let him the next. That way every other week you can pay attention to the service while your spouse deals with the circumstances that arrive.

8. Be prepared for Sunday’s and have an easy breakfast in the morning. Set clothes out the night before. Do anything to take the stress out of your morning.

9. Give them something creative to do. My older kids fill out Sermon Notes. I designed my very own that gives them creativity, keeps them paying attention and quiet throughout the whole sermon. You can find it here (aff): Simple Sermon Notes: For Kids Ages 7-12

10. Always remember, people will look your way. They are not all criticizing you. Some are remembering when they were in your shoes. Some are wishing they could help you. Some are just glad to see that there is a child in church. Others are thankful that their days of children in the pew are over and you are the one dealing with it. There are many reasons why people will look at you. Do not stress over it. Most likely they are just happy that you are doing your best. If they are looking at you for the wrong reason then they need to check their hearts.



Following these tips will definitely help but not always eliminate problems with children in church services. Just know you are not the first mom that has had to leave a service, get on to a child, having a toddler through a tantrum or whatever else may happen. Keep your head held high mom and do not give up hope. The best place for your little ones is in church learning about God. You are doing the right thing by bringing them.

I would love to hear more ways to keep them busy or paying attention. If you have any more tips to share on keeping your kids quiet during church, leave them in the comments.