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In Part 2 we will be discussing:
How to rotate chores for children
How many chores should a kid be responsible for
What ages are appropriate for chores


How to rotate chores for your children. 
Not only do my children help in the morning family chores but they are also responsible for daily chores such as trash, dishes and animal care. I have set up a system where we rotate out each week. This may or may not work for you depending on how many kids you have. Certain ages are allowed to do each rotation. Only my children that are 13 and up will rotate each week on dishes. For trash only kids 11 and up rotate on this chore (mainly because the younger ones can not reach the top of the dumpster). Then I have animal care that all kids 8 and up rotate. Since they are rotating they are all participating in different chores each week. I noticed that if they switch up they do not get as bored with their chores. Here is an example of my rotations for chores.

Cat Care
(ages 8 and up)
Kid 1 (15 years old)
Kid 2 (14 years old)
Kid 3 (12 years old)
Kid 4 (10 years old)

(ages 11 and up)
Kid 1
Kid 2
Kid 3

Dishes Load/Wash by Hand
(ages 13 and up)
Kid 1
Kid 2

You will notice that the older the kid the more chores they rotate in. They also get the most allowance and are the ones that should be learning more responsibility. I have this chart printed with my children’s names. I have it in my binder with my other chore printables. I put it in a sheet protector so that I can mark which kid is performing what task each week and then erase and start over the next week.

My kids also do their own laundry so on the same sheet I included a laundry calendar. Which states which days I am doing laundry and which days they get to do their laundry. This changes sometimes do to schedules. It is nice however to know that you have a set day you can get your laundry done.

Monday: Mom
Tuesday: Mom / Kid 1
Wednesday: Kid 2
Thursday: Kid 3
Friday: Kid 4
Saturday: Linens / Misc

It was my intention to make this into a printable but I realized that everyone has such different dynamics in their families. It will be easier for you type or write up your own with your family members and specific rotations you feel are necessary.

How many chores should a kid be responsible for?
This is a great question. Every family situation is different. My children are homeschooled. So it is very easy to all work together for 30 minutes working on chores and then to have their daily rotations. If your children are young then you may not be able to do rotations. If your children are in school you may not have time for 30 minutes of chores a day. I believe every child should have at least one chore to start learning responsibility. My 3 year old son picks up his toys and the pillows in the living room. It may not seem like a lot but he is doing something and will earn a dollar at the end of the week. With younger children like my 3 year old, I sometimes have him just follow me around and help me with my chores. For older kids that are hitting their teenage year’s they are perfectly able to do just about anything from washing cars to cleaning bathrooms. It is hard to say exactly how many chores one child should do. I give my kids between 1 to 3 chores every day in our 30 minute sessions. It all depends on how long the chore should take.

For instance:

My 3 year old can: Help me pick up in his room and pick up his toys in the living room in 30 minutes
My 10 year old can: Vacuum the dining room, clean off the table, clean the windows and dust the dining room in 30 minutes
My 12 year old can: Wash the van and pick up sticks in the yard in 30 minutes
My 14 year old can: Clean the whole bathroom top to bottom in 30 minutes
My 15 year old can: Clean the kitchen counters and clean the fridge out in 30 minutes

So all of the above can be accomplished in one 30 minute session. Not including my 5 minutes in each room (see part 1).

What ages are appropriate for chores:
In the past, I have used chore charts by age that I find online to get ideas for chores for my children. Sometimes children are very mature and can handle more adult chores while other are not able to. I was surprised with my youngest daughter when she said she wanted to do the dishes. I let her and she did a great job. She was only 8 at the time. To give you some ideas here are some chore charts I have found.

The Chores Kids Can Do Chart
The Happy House Wife Age Appropriate Chore Chart

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More in-depth room planning
How to get the most done out of your 30 minute chore time