I am a strong believer in family chores. I have tried many different ways to organize our family chores. I want to share with you what has worked the best for me and hopefully will work for you. With a large family or young children, it can feel overwhelming to try to organize a system for chores. However, it can easily be done and with only 3 items. If you have any questions please leave them in the comments and I will be more than happy to help you set up your very own family organization. Since every family has their own dynamics you will have to adjust my system to your own family. This is just Part 1 so check back in next week for more.
In part 1 you will find:
What you need
Your very own printable
An intro to family chores by room
5 minute room cleaning
Allowances Chart

What You Need:
1- 3 ring binder
2 or 3 – Sheet protectors
1 – dry erase marker

Your Very Own Printable:
Family Chore Chart (Blank)
Family Chore Chart (My Example)

I have included a printable so you can break down your chores the way I have. Feel free to print out the blank one and my example chart. I break down my chores into sections of my house. I have a print out that lists all the rooms in my house with blank squares beside it. In each blank square, I write a few items that I would like to see done. For instance, in the Living Room I want it dusted, vacuumed, entry way mopped, windows cleaned and baseboards wiped down. Next week I will show you my print out and give you a list of all my chores per room.

When we meet to clean in the morning I give each child or teen a certain amount of chores that are listed on my printout. I keep this print out in a sheet protector in a binder. This way each week I can mark off what has been cleaned and then the next week erase and start all over again.

5 Minutes a Room:
As my children are working on the chores from the printout. I move from room to room working on each one. I only spend five minutes in a room. I do something different in each room. It all depends on what needs to be done to make the room clean. It could be organizing, vacuuming, or simply picking up.

Allowances Chart Included on the Printable:
Included in my printables is an allowance chart. This is how I base allowances by age. Feel free to use it or create your own. I also include my kids in a weekly chore rotation. This is for the chores that have to be done at night every day. Chores such as trash, dishes, and taking care of pets. You will find this printable in Part 2 (coming out next week).

I hope you are as excited about this system as I am. I guarantee your house will be so much cleaner than when you started. I have a family of seven so of course, my breakdown of chores will be different than yours. If you are having trouble after Part 2 then let me know. I will gladly help you when you get stuck.

PART 2 & 3 Coming SOON!
Check in next week to my blog for:
How to rotate chores for children
More in-depth room planning
How to get the most done out of your 30 minute chore time
How many chores should a kid be responsible for
What ages are appropriate for chores