Prayers and Answered Prayers
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I have never been the biggest fan of journaling but I know it is a valuable tool. My daughters love books that you can write in and journal.

Journaling is a great concept for anybody but especially for pre-teen and older girls. Prayers and Answered Prayers is actually two small prayer journals. They come in a sleeve that holds them together but you can actually take them apart.  These two journals help girls learn more about themselves and God through prayer. It has great prompting questions to promote deeper thinking for girls.

The first small journal is made to help girls learn how to talk to God. Every page has a new question. The pages are colorful and fun. It has all kinds of questions from who is your best friend, to which season do you like best. It also has some doodling prompts and quizzes. It is basically to help them understand more about themselves and apply it to prayer.

The second small journal “Answered Prayers” is more about what God has done for you. It talks about God’s gifts for them, things God has taught them, example prayers, what the Bible says about certain subjects. This book is also a very colorful and fun book.

Each book is only about a 3×5 size and 72 pages long. The sleeve to hold them in is clear with flowers and the books themselves are glittery. I know my daughter’s would all love this and it will help them learn more about themselves and how to approach God through prayer. I recommend this journal set for older girls and pre-teens.

Find it here: (Aff) Prayers and Answered Prayers