Say & Pray Devotions (First Words, Devotions, and Prayers) by Diane Stortz, Illustrated by Sarah Ward
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I chose to review this book because I have a 3 year old son that I hoped it would be perfect for. He is just now learning about letters and really enjoys books. He even tries to read them to us. I thought Say & Pray may be something interactive for the both of us to enjoy together. It has a great childlike cover illustration. As soon as I opened the box my son asked if the book was for him. He wanted to open it and look at it right away. This book is a board book with very short devotions in it that are perfect for very young ages. The devotions cover things that little ones do during the day. For example, the first page is about the morning and has a little girl in the bathroom getting ready for the day. Then the next page is about being outside, then family, rainy days and more.

The devotion is only two short sentences. Then it has a Say and Pray. It takes a Bible Verse (from different translations), if you are KJV only then you may want to get a KJV Bible to read the verse instead of the book. Then it has a little prayer that is 1 or 2 sentences. The pages are full of words that describe the picture such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, and towel for the bathroom scene.

The devotions are cute and easy to read with great illustrations. This book is for very young ages. My 3 year old was excited to start having devotions before bed just for him.

You can get your own copy here (aff): Say and Pray Devotions

I received this book from the book review program. I received this book free for my honest opinion.