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As I was shopping at the store with my kids I noticed something that bothered me. My children were so excited about Christmas which is a good thing.  However, they were only excited because of the items they kept putting on their Christmas wish list. When did Christmas get to become only about gifts?  It seems like all my kids think about is what they are going to get. This made me really sad. My husband and I spent some time talking this issue over. Afterwards, my husband, who is a pastor, felt compelled to write a family devotional book for the Christmas Holiday. It is a book that we hoped would help our family center the holiday around Christ. One of the devotions caught my attention and made me see the holiday as it should be and I wanted to share it. Here is a peak at “25 Christmas Family Devotions and Activities by Brett A. Bell”. This devotion spoke to me and I hope it speaks to you as well.




“Do you have a wish list for Christmas? How many presents do you think you will receive? Will you get every single item on your wish list? Most of us will not get everything we want. Not in Christmas and not in life.

Occasionally, we get discouraged when we think about all of the things that we want but do not have. We might even talk to other people who have more than us. This can make us feel like we are not as important as the people who have more than we do.

However, that is not the way God sees things. God does not show His love for us by getting us everything we ask for. You see, His gifts are better than the ones we usually request. Sometimes God gives us a loving family. Sometimes God gives us patience and understanding. Other times God gives us excitement and adventure. Still, other times He gives us important life experiences. That is because God is more interested in teaching us how to be satisfied with what we do have rather than spoiled.

Learn to be satisfied with all of the gifts God has chosen to give you. Tell Him how thankful you are to know that He loves you and wants to give you the very best.”


Christmas does not have to be all about the gifts. It would simplify our lives if it were not about the gifts at all. I am certainly not suggesting to get rid of gifts. After all, we are celebrating and it is joyful to celebrate with gifts. However, I am going to buy less gifts this year for Christmas. Instead of worrying about how much money I need to spend on gifts. I am going to spend more time enjoying my family. I encourage you to find something fun, exciting and easy to do with your family to make it a more memorable season without the headaches of money. Here are some examples of activities you can do with your family this Christmas season that are found in this book. Check out number 3, it is my favorite!


1. Jesus gave up a lot when He left heaven. However, He was not upset by it. Rather, He wanted to give those things up in order to save us. This teaches us about the importance of people over things. Material things can never make us truly fulfilled or happy. Have a talk with your family about cutting back your Christmas spending this year. Joy should come from Jesus, not presents.

2. Gather blankets and various furniture items to make an indoor tent/fort. Make sure it is big enough for the whole family. Talk about how thankful you are to have the home and things God has provided to your family.

3. Have an old-fashioned Christmas. For one hour tonight, pretend that your home does not have electricity. Get out some candles or a lantern and turn off all the lights. Spend this time together as a family. Play a board game, sing together, tell funny stories, etc.

4. Get a Christmas themed puzzle to do together as a family (simple or elaborate). Enjoy working together as a family on a project. Talk about how life can sometimes be complicated. Jesus came to help us put the pieces of our lives together. When he is in the center of our lives, everything begins to come together.

5. Treat yourselves to hot chocolate or warm apple cider. Discuss how the hot beverage helps to warm us up on the inside. Tell your family that Jesus warms us on the inside too. Try to describe how we should invite Jesus into our lives and our hearts (Eph. 3:17) to change us and make us more like Him.

You can get “25 Christmas Family Devotions and Activities by Brett A. Bell” by clicking here (aff). 

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