Now that the holidays are over you would think that my house would be in great clean order. Especially since we do so much cleaning and prepping to have company over. This is not the case. My house is a wreck! There are new kids toys that have not found homes. I have rooms in the house that are neglected and a fridge full of leftovers. Not to mention there is also some neglect from traveling.


Am I the only one that feels overwhelmed after the holidays?

Here is my plan. I am getting organized. I already have a planner. I designed myself a custom planner. Check it out. I got together a prayer and scripture writing journal. I even printed out a declutter calendar from  Home Storage Solutions. I keep my planner and journals together and pick them up one time a day. Usually in the afternoon when it is quiet in the house. I let my youngest watch a movie while I read my Bible, Pray, Declutter and anything else on my list for the day.

I have found that the more I read my Bible and give God time in my day the more I get done in the house. It seems crazy that to give time you actually get time.  I have been decluttering everyday, cleaning and getting my regular chores done. Not to mention homeschooling the kids. My house is actually getting cleaner by the day. This year I have decluttered my silverware, kitchen counters, utensils, pantry and more. All my chores are caught up. The kid’s toys are all put away. For the most part, are toys ever all put away?

I credit this to getting into God’s word. I also make it a priority to pray that God gives me the energy to keep up with my house chores. I have had days where I get less done. Don’t we all? I can not complain though I am thrilled with my progress.

How is your new year going?