Once I was asked the question, “How do you teach your kids about God at home?”. This is a great question. Most the time we rely on the Church or others to teach our children about God. We send them to Sunday School or kids classes and feel like they learn all they need to learn about God from class. My children do learn a ton from Sunday School and their kid’s classes that they attend throughout the week. I am so impressed with what they pick up and learn. Is it enough though? Can they learn more from home? Maybe your Church does not offer kids programs and you have no idea where to start teaching them about God.

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Here are some ways that I have used or use to teach my children about God at home.

1. Books – I buy books that teach about God to read to my kids. There are some great board books that teach about God that even little ones can understand. Check out my book reviews for some ideas on books for your family. I find most of my books on CBD.com.

2. Morning devotions – Get a devotion book or just pick a place in the Bible to read as a family every morning. It’s a great way to start your day. (Aff) Sticky Situations: 365 Devotions for Kids and Families is a great book for school aged kids.

3. Prayer – I teach my kids to at least pray at meals and at night. This can sometimes be harder with younger kids but I find if I make a point to do it every night with them then they catch on. We have even made prayer jars that have helped them with their prayers on their own.  Find out how to make a prayer jar here.

4. Talk – Simply talking about God throughout the day helps children learn about him. As you walk outside mention how God created everything we see. Just mentioning Him in our everyday lives help us and our children to learn more and grow closer to him.

5. Bible Memorization – My kids participated in a curriculum for homeschool that had them memorize verses from the Bible. I no longer use this curriculum but still encourage them to memorize verses. The first time my youngest son memorized a verse from the Bible he got an award. The best way to teach younger kids a verse is to set movements with it. You can make up your own. I found out that when I made up movements to help them memorize a verse I remembered the verse too. Make it into an award system that they will love. It will no longer be a chore but a fun challenge.

These are very simple ways to teach your kids more about God at home.

What are some of the way you teach your kids from home, share them with me in the comments? I love to hear more great ideas!