This year I decided to do something fun and new for Christmas. Everybody loves to open gifts around Christmas and I saw an idea online that would be so fun for my youngest kids. I always wanted to do it but never knew if it would be easy or not. It is simply one present a day in the month of December. Not any present a day though, its one book a day. So that would be 24 books, one for each day till Christmas Day.

The reason why I did not do this before was I felt like 24 books would be expensive. Plus, I have more than one kid. Do they all get one book a day? This is the year I decided to try the book a day present and see how it goes. Here is how I did it.

Book a Day

First, I decided that I would open only one book a day with the kids. Not one for every kid. Since we do not have a shared bookshelf for the family and I only have two kids left that enjoy picture books we are going to take turns on letting them keep the books.

Second, I realized that the books do not have to be brand new but new to us. So I went on the hunt for thrift store and garage sale finds. It took me a couple of days of hunting to find 24 books that were in like new condition and stories I thought I would enjoy with my children. I spent less than $24.00 on all my books. Some books I only paid .25 cents.

Third, I had a cheap roll of wrapping paper and I wrapped each book up and put them aside for Christmas.

I am so excited for December to get here. Since I started early I don’t even remember some of the books that I bought myself and I will be just as surprised when they pick one out and open it.

One of my books that I received for my book a day is One Christmas Bear by Anne Vittur Kennedy. I received this book for free from book review program for my honest review. I am very thankful that I enjoyed this book so I could add it to my present a day in December.

The picture online of the cover of this book does not do it justice. The cover is so vibrant. It has glitter texture and the scarf has some very shiny red areas that just pop off the page. The words are also shiny too. I know when my kids open this book up they will be excited to see what is inside.

It is written and illustrated by Anne Vittur Kennedy. It is a simple Christmas counting book. Every page is a new number starting with one. Every page has a new animal that wants to play. When you reach the end there are nine sets of parents waiting for all the little animals to come home and go to bed. The last page talks about ten happy friends saying goodbye. The very last sentence is “Merry time together – gifts from God to last all year!” This is a very simple Christian book for young children. I would recommend this for younger elementary age and preschool children.

You can find this book here (aff): One Christmas Bear