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Over the past couple of years, we have tried to do a Christmas Devotion every day starting December 1st as a family. Having a big family means it does not always happen daily but we try. I love having this time with my family because it brings us all back to the reason for the season Jesus Christ.
If you are on the lookout for your own Christmas Devotional Book I have a couple to tell you about.

First and my favorite is 25 Christmas Family Devotions: and Activities. This book is written by my husband and pastor Brett A Bell. I love that it has a Christmas Devotion plus a family activity that is easy and fun. The devotions are great for all ages from young to old.  Our teenagers even participated in the activities. Some of the fun activities we did last year with this book were looking at Christmas lights, having an old-fashioned evening with no lights (just candle), making snowflakes and singing carols over the phone. I plan to use this book again this year with the family. The devotions are short and easy. Which make it easy to fit it into our schedule. (Referral Link) 25 Christmas Family Devotions: and Activities

This year I have found a new devotional book to use with my youngest son. We are going to use it during his school time. He is four and this book will be perfect for his age. It is called Christmas Blessings by Bonnie Rickner Jensen. This book is so cute. It has great little illustrations by Donna Chapman and I am excited to use it this year.
In the note to parents at the beginning of the book, it says “Each of the verses in Really Wolly Christmas Blessings will open the eyes of our little ones to the true reason our hearts are happy, now and forever.” The book has poems, simple verses and prayers to read each day. There are 19 devotions altogether. Each devotion starts by saying The Blessing of…. Baby Jesus, a Manger, Praise, Star, Family and so much more. The prayers are very short just two sentences. I am really excited to try this book this year and see how it goes with my little one. I recommend this book for younger elementary age. The cover of the book is a padded hardcover which seems to be very durable to last from year to year.
I received this book free from for my honest review.
You can get this book from Amazon (referral link): Really Woolly Christmas Blessings

Do you have a book that you love to use each year for a family devotion or a daily family tradition in Christmas that brings you closer to God? Share them in the comments.