Love Held Captive by Shelley Shepard Gray Book Review
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I was able to pick this book out for free from for my honest review and this one has been one of the hardest reviews I have made.
From the back of the book: After the War Between the States, a Confederate officer longs to heal the heart of a beautiful woman – but first he’ll have to right the wrongs that were done to her.

Typically, I love all Christian Historical Fiction books. I also enjoy books by this author.  This book was set after the Civil War. It is about four friends that went through a prison camp together. Two of those men are the focus of this book in the series. It is a romance book, in fact, it is two romances in one. It has everything that I would find interesting in a book.
Unfortunately, this book left me a little disappointed. As far as a Christian standpoint in the book, I really did not see one. Sure the characters may have said a casual prayer one time in the book but that seemed to be about it. One of the main characters was a gambler and one was an ex-mistress. The book touched on rape and had drinking in a bar not to mention a story of a mistress. Also, men taking the law into their own hands. There is a lot of excitement in the book. I would not recommend this book to my teenage daughters and most Christian books I have no problem with them reading. There is a lot of adult situations in this book. I know it was not marketed to teenagers but typically Christian novels are clean enough for teenagers. You will not find any salvation messages or any religious standpoints in this book.
If you do not care for how clean the book is, it has a lot of excitement but it did not hold my attention like most books do. As mentioned before it is cleaner than most romance novels but does have passionate kissing in it.

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