What are some of the ways that help you deal with fears? I have blogged in the past about anxieties that have triggered in my life. I know that some people are plagued with fear more than others are. Some have stronger fears than others. My anxiety is most likely different than anybody else’s. That means we all have different ways to deal with our fears.

Here are a couple books I have come across that might be a help to those you know that struggle with fears and anxieties:

Trade Your Cares for Calm

by Max Lucado:

I really enjoy that this book is like a coffee table/gift book style. It is smaller than I thought it would be. It looks really good though with a hardcover and bookmark. Even the cover is calming with its blue hues. There are 10 chapters that deal with finding calm. Each chapter is easy to read and there are even reflective questions at the end.  I have not finished this book completely because its such an easy book to pick up read a couple pages and set down. There are some great tips in this book for calming your fears and relying on God. I really like how the pages have pictures of calming nature scenes such as mountains and rivers. This is a very nice book that looks great sitting on a table top as well as providing some comforting words. I received this book for free from the booklookblogger.com book review program for my honest review.

Scriptures for Anxiety and Panic: Pocket Reference

By: New Life Overnight

This book was compiled by my husband and I love it. This pocketbook is great to put in your pocket, purse, car or wherever you go. I have one by my bed. It references Bible verses that help deal with fears and anxiety. God would not have us to fear but to have faith in Him. It is simple yet very impactful. The verses are all KJV which is a huge plus for me. If you want to connect to God’s word when you feel fear or anxieties start to overwhelm you this book will help you find a verse that connects with you.
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